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We, Hitech Pest Control Services Pvt Ltd are professionals in pest control services running successfully in Bangalore since 2011. Pests like flies, rats, ticks, cockroaches, ants, mice, etc., causes more health issues by contaminating your food and other properties. It leads to a lot of mental pressure too.As one of the best pest control services of South India, we provide our best and innovative approaches in eradicating these pests. We indulge the 3LD method in pest control. Our team does this not only as our profession but it is our promise to our clients about a pest-free living space.

We have our special manpower for auditing the pest infected area. First of all, we place one of our most talented team members for attending the inner and outer areas of your house. After knowing the exact place where the pests enter, we provide the necessary steps in giving you a pest-free home. Our pest control agency has vast knowledge and experience in eradicating pests from all types of public and private buildings.

How We Treat You

Hitech pest control services provide 24 hours service for our clients. Our solutions in pest control are truly professional and we extend our service to all types of residential, commercial, industrial, educational buildings and also for agricultural lands.
There is our 24*7 customer service center from where you can get help and suggestions regarding pest control. Our team members are professionally trained in intensive and extensive pest removal and control measures and also to treat our clients as their family members. On the whole, we, our team, and clients have more than a business relationship so that they can share their thoughts and feel regarding our service to them. This is what brought us among the top pest control agencies in South India.

Our Services

Being one of the leading pest control services in Bangalore, we have hundreds of clients from Chennai and Bangalore. We use IPM technology in pest control management. Our services include protection from cockroaches, ants, silverfish, control over mosquitoes and mosquito larva, pre and post-construction termite control services for both commercial and economic buildings with a minimum fifteen years warrantee, solutions for wood borer, the bed bug, tick, and flea attack in furniture and walls.

Our Hitech pest control service is one among those few agencies that are experts in snake catching from the residential area. In our service, we will always make sure that the snake entry point and rat entry points are closed well for your future safety. We also have a natural beehive removal service with experienced person on the field.
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Why Hitech Pvt Ltd?

Once our client approves our service provides frequent services and management. This frequent service includes IMMS spray treatment on weekly basis, IMMS fogging treatment at least thrice in a week, cockroach treatment and snake repellent treatment once in a month, rodent control treatment once in a week, and gel treatment along with bees, lizard, and spider treatment once in three months. We also provide you with a periodical review of our service effectiveness.

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Completed Projects


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There is our 24*7 customer service center from where you can get help and suggestions regarding pest control.

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    Hitech pest control services provide 24 hours service for our clients.