Disinfection Services

HITECH Pest Control Services Pvt Ltd Bangalore delivers you with more than expected disinfection services along with all types of pest control services at an affordable package.

If you are looking for the best disinfection services or pest control services around Bangalore and Chennai, we are here to provide you with safe and significant service at any time. We offer both disinfection services and pest control services for all types of residential and commercial places from all across the cities.
Disinfection is the process of killing all types of harmful germs and bacteria from a complete surface area. Professional disinfection services of HITECH pest control services are a safe way to stay free from viral diseases like Coronavirus, swine flu, influenza, common flu, etc.
Our disinfection services use powerful chemicals on the surface where you find more possibilities of viruses and bacteria attack and we kill them permanently. We always ensure our commitment to your safety.

Home disinfection services or In-home sanitizing services provide overall sanitizer or disinfection including all rooms and furniture. Alcohol-based disinfection solutions are used by us in our service for better and effective results. During the time of treatment, our team will treat your home and property with the utmost care and respect. Our excellence in work can be seen through our references. We offer Move - In, Move - out and also Regular house cleaning in our disinfection service package. We offer expert commercial disinfection services to all sizes of business organizations.

Being experts in disinfection and pest control, HITECH pest control services take necessary steps for the health and safety of our clients by following regular health checkups, using effective alcoholic hand sanitizers, wearing personal protective equipment like shoe covers, masks, etc. Our disinfection services will help you to reduce the risk of getting infected from your surroundings. It gives you a stress-free and peace of mind from a safe and comfortable environment.

Our charges are pocket-friendly and it varies from each service depending on the type and scope of service. Exact charges can be disclosed to our customers after proper inspection and survey of the intestate area by our expert’s team.

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    We always ensure our commitment to your safety.

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