Mosquito Control

Mosquito control is a prominent practice for public health throughout the entire world.

They cause extreme nuisance and health issues. Hitech Pest Control services eradicate mosquitoes by controlling their population.
Being one of the top pest control services in India, Hitech Pest Control services work on the following sequences in controlling the mosquito.
Identify and eliminate the breeding sites of mosquitoes.
Control the growth of Larvae
Get rid of the adults
Use effective mosquito repellents
We use various techniques like source reduction, larviciding, biocontrol, and adulticiding in controlling the mosquito populations by complete study and analyzing the situation. The mosquito population is monitored by one of our team members regularly in landing rate counts or mechanical traps.
In the landing rate counts method our team members will visit your place regularly to take the count of adult female mosquitoes that land on the body parts in a particular period of time. According to this count rate, remedies will be given to control them. In the mechanical traps method, the mosquitoes will be collected in bags with the use of fans or some other attractive lights or chemicals. The population of mosquitoes can be controlled only by controlling adult female mosquitoes. So our actions will be focused on controlling and eradicating female mosquitoes. The population of mosquito larvae is also taken into notice by collecting them from standing water at fixed intervals.
One of the most vital parts of mosquito control is source reduction. In this developing, busy world no individuals get proper time in concentrating on mosquito control. We, the best mosquito control service agency in South India, make sure that all the sources where mosquitoes breed and populate are completely removed away. We also arrange one of our inspectors to inspect your place, either residential or commercial place to check whether there is any source for mosquito breeding. These sources include unused water stagnant, plastic pools, old containers including buckets and tires, etc. We also clear clogged gutters and drain puddles, tree stumps, and the like.

We also use Biocontrol methods in controlling mosquitoes. Larviciding or killing of larvae is monitored by using growth regulators and surface films. Fogging at regular intervals of time is done for adulticide or killing adult mosquitoes. Mosquito traps like ovitraps or lethal ovitraps are also used by us for the complete control of the mosquito populations.

Using Mosquito Repellents

We only use repellents that are non-harmful for other living beings except mosquitoes. Best mosquito repellents are purchased from multinational companies for the safety of our clients and surroundings.

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