Rodent Control

Rodents like rats and mice can transmit many dangerous diseases like Plague.

It is also a nuisance to everyone in the house once if noted. We are here to help you with effective rodent control services as Hitech Pest Control Services is the one among the best rodent control agencies of Bangalore and Chennai. The common access points of rodents are small holes near cabinets, doors, and closets that lead to an open area, holes near pipe appliances or sink, cracked foundations, and so on.

We ensure you that all the access points are closed and completely sealed during our rodent control treatment. It can be done only by proper inspection as we have specially trained members in identifying the rodent entry points.
Rodent Control Service in Bangalore
Once all the entry points are closed, we use snaps or electronic traps to catch them alive or dead. All the places where the traps located will be cleaned with solutions from our side as there is some risk of spreading diseases from the urination of the rodent while they are trapped. Our services are harmless and safe to you, your family members, and the environment. The main difference of Hitech Pest Control Services from other pest control agency is our quality of service and budget-friendly service

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