Termite Control

Why are termites so destructive?

Termites that belong to the Isoptera family, are long-lived in colonies. They are self-perpetuating and they are hard to eradicate once affected. But it can be controlled using effective controlling measures. Being the leading pest control services in Bangalore, we offer two types of termite control treatments like Pre-Construction treatment and Post Construction treatment.
Termite Control Service in Bangalore

Pre-Construction treatment

In pre-construction treatment, we offer our services in three stages. Stage - 1 is when the basement for the building is laid. We use an anti-termite solution in the bottom surface and excavations of the basements and masonry foundations so that it can protect a building from its root.

The backfills that are in immediate contact with the foundation are treated in the second stage. In such cases where the earth fills are crammed with water, then the anti-termite treatment can be done after the ramming operation gets over. In the case of RCC foundations, we suggest not to start the treatment from the bottom of excavations as there are no chances for the penetration of termites.

The final stage of pre-construction anti-termite treatment is done on the plinth walls with an anti-termite solution. This should be done before the basement is filled with a sand bed.

Post-construction treatment

For controlling termites in the post-construction stage, we prefer digging small trenches close to the external surface of the building wall that is exposed to the foundation up to 50cm depth. After digging holes, we apply anti termite solutions that prevent termites from infesting the building.

After the basements and the building walls are protected from the penetration of termites we concentrate on the floor. Each and every junction of the floor and walls are treated with anti-termite solutions as defects and expansions of the floor are more possible on the junctions. In some cases, holes will be drilled at the floor and wall junctions treated with anti-termite solutions and we also take complete responsibility for sealing the holes properly
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The final part is wood treatment. We offer a mix anti-termite solution turpentine emulsion of kerosene for treating wood in termite control. We also inject the anti-termite on to the wood by drilling holes. We make sure that the woods are well coated at least thrice with the solution. After the treatment, the wood can be varnished or painted. With these types of treatments, we ensure you with lifetime termite control for your building.

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