Wood Borer Control

Wood borers are a form of tiny beetles who consume wood extensively for their food.

Both the larvae and adult wood borers are dangerous as they can spend nearly four years under the surface of the wood just by eating and destroying them. None of us want our home to fall down like that because of these harmful species.

We are experts in wood borer as we ensure you with the safety of your wooden furniture and door frames. As we are among the top wood borer control agency we provide professional and effective remedies to get rid of wood borer problems
Wood Borer Control Service in Bangalore
We treat every piece of your wooden property with insecticidal solvents. We also suggest the usage of turpentine oil with solvent-based insecticide on the woods to prevent the adults from laying eggs on the wooden surface.

With Hitech Pest Control Services, you can get timely and quality service for wood borer infestation. Once the infestation is identified, we use special syringes with wood preservative chemical solutions on the wooden surface to eradicate the population of wood borers. Unlike other pest control agencies, Hitech Pest Control services provide you with suggestions and ideas regarding the preventive measures for your future safety from wood borer infestation.

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