Bedbugs Control

Bedbugs are smaller in size, smart, and tough and are able to reproduce quickly.

Normally a female bedbug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. They know where to hide and live safely as no one can find them easily even they sleep with you in the same bed. There result is very harsh as they leave red and itchy swellings all over your body. The reason is that they feed on human blood and on the blood of other mammals. Multiple bites of bedbugs can lead to itchy rashes or eczema.

Sources of bedbugs

The main source of bedbugs is unused furniture and clothes. More often they get transformed into a house through second-hand furniture. They also spread through old and unused clothes as they can enter their eggs into the clothes easily. HITECH pest control services can treat this type of furniture and old clothing before you take them into your home. Make sure that you yourself don't introduce bedbugs to your home and family.
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How to identify bedbugs

It is very difficult for common people to identify the infestation of bedbugs because of their presence in your home or bed cannot be noticed easily. At the same time, the bites of bedbugs do not cause any pain. Each body reacts differently to the bites. These bites can leave you with itchiness and swelling that is difficult in treating for multiple bedbug’s bites. You will definitely need an expert's help in identifying and treating the infestation from your home and environment. It is better to consult our experts if you have any doubts regarding bedbug bites.

How we treat bedbug infestation?

Bedbugs are very tough and eradicating them is not an easy task. Professional treatment is required in treating bedbug infestation if once it occurred. You can control only the numbers by DIY - by high hygienic levels, frequent cleanings, and by using insecticides that you get from your nearby stores. HITECH pest control services provide you with excellent customer service where you can deal with bedbug control.
We will set our local experts team to contact you personally reading the problem where we can discuss and identify the source, depth, and other types of primary solutions for controlling them. Then we will arrange for a survey of the intestate area by our expert field biologists. After a proper survey, our technical team will reach your premise to provide professional services. We make sure that we meet or exceed all the health, safety, and environmental policies during our service.

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