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Professional Pest Control Service in Chennai

Hitech pest solution is an intense unit, providing its valuable services in the fields of pest control for many years. Hitech pest solution is one of the recognised and the best Natural Pest control solution in Chennai, which delivers all natural, good quality, & instant service at reasonable price. We are devoted to providing the best possible service against the pests using natural products to protect our valuable clients and their premises.

We have vast expertise in pest control service in chennai and we make use of this experience to create custom-made plans to safeguard your home and establishments from pests. We offer both Commercial & Residential pest control services in chennai for all kinds of pests such as termites, cockroaches, lizards, rats, spiders, bedbugs, mosquitoes, snakes and more. We provide guaranteed and effective pest solutions with professional work at an affordable price.

Features of Hitech Pest Solution:

  • Utilizing 100 % natural products and resulting in no toxic residue in customer’s premises.
  • Responding quickly during normal business hours.
  • Our technicians are specially trained to take care of every customer’s specific needs like elderly care, kids safety, pet care, etc.
  • Providing quality services within a short time period helps us to provide highly beneficial pest treatment methods.
  • We ensure that all our technicians are capable of addressing and resolving all pest-oriented problems.
  • Our employees are highly capable of managing, dispatching, and monitoring all pest control service requests.
  • We provide an on-staff Entomologist for consultation, training and ensure safety for every service request.

Our Processing Steps

Hitech pest solutions approach each and every customer in a unique point of view and make sure that we follow and provide our pest control services in order to satisfy our customer needs and queries.Here are the steps we usually perform to grab the whole hearted satisfaction from our customers:

1) Our Determination

Before initiating with the pest control procedures,Our Pestrid Experts will provide you with a manual to have a detailed understanding of your property's history. We provide pest control service in Chennai by performing a full inspection from the basement for moisture testing, the foundation for wood debris and other possible sources of pest infection. With the help of modern and hitech equipment such as IR thermometers, moisture meters, pest detection systems, our experts understand the core and take care of what kind of pests are actively affected on the property. After this complete detailed procedure, our experts will give you the Inspection report & recommended plans for eradicating pests.

2) Eradication of pests

Once the property owner approves the report and suggests the recommended plans, Our experts will begin implementing the pest eradication process, especially with the eco-friendly natural treatment. We provide a natural pest solution remedy that kills any kind of pest effectively. Also,our pest solutions have 100% Natural ingredients that are less harmful. We assure that any chemical ingredients that may harm your infrastructure are strictly not used by our experts.

3) Observation of results

Even after completing the eradication process of pests in your property, we strongly recommend the prevention methods to be followed in future to stay away from pest invasion.We thoroughly observe the result and suggest any Re-treatment program if required which is also associated with our plan and our customers can make use of it when required.

Features of Hitech Pest Solution:

Yes, it is more effective because the insects will not be able to sustain against natural pest control products. In contrast the Potent of the chemical stays only for a period of time and the pest will also form resistance in due course of time.

Yes,Our treatment might use some chemical products.But,we assure that we use chemicals which have less harmness towards yourself as well as your premises.

Not exactly it is initially expensive but the sustainability of the treatment is for a long period and above all it is 100% safe to humans and pets like dogs, cats,etc.

Not in all cases.Our experts will surely suggest you in case it is needed.

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